3 Things I Do to GET LEANER in One-Week

3 Things I Do to GET LEANER in One-Week

3 Things I Do to Get Leaner & Back on Track!

In One-Week!

Ugh!! Whose been feelin’ the effects of closed-gyms, no travel, no eating out, and pretty much being confined to the house? Me too! I can hear my skinny-jeans screaming “Oh not you don’t!!” The stress, boredom and loss of “normal life” has lead a lot of us to eat more, indulge in a lil’ too much comfort food – and lag on the workouts. The result…. yup. Weight gain and just not feeling good about yourself. I’m right there with ya. Truth.

Pity-Party Over.

Now Let’s Plan the Work and Work the Plan.

Ok, what’s done is done. Everyone falls off the “Fitness Wagon” sometimes – I don’t care how dedicated and fit they are. It happens. Whether it’s putting everyone else first and forgetting about YOU or just an overly indulgent vacay – it happens. That’s life. The key is to pull it together, re-focus and get back on track. That means Plan the Work, then Work the Plan.

This 7-Day, 3 Action-Item Plan is my Personal Plan – and I want to share!

What it is:

3 simple Diet & Exercise tweaks that you implement over a 7-Day period, in order to do 4 things:

1. Drop a few pounds, fast

2. Lean-out

3. Reset your palette to healthier cravings

4. Jumpstart your workout schedule

They’re super easy to do and at the end of the 7-days, not only will you look and feel lighter – but you’ll feel completely re-energized, motivated and back on track.

What it is Not:

It is NOT about starvation, crash dieting, drinking only some weird concoction for a week – or anything like that. I DON’T believe in starving yourself or crash dieting – it’s not sustainable and it’s flat out unhealthy.

This is just about tightening up your diet and exercise to help get you back on track and leaner, in a short time period. 7-days!

The 7-Day Plan


Eliminate all Starchy Carbs. That means no Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, Bread, Grains, Crackers, Oatmeal or Beans. Opt Instead for: Fresh Veggies and Greens, Seafood, Lean Meat, some Dairy, Limited “good fats” like olive oil, nuts, avocado and finally limited fresh fruit.

EXAMPLE – One of my typical days:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites + 1 whole egg, with sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives & sprinkle of feta cheese.

Snack: Protein shake.

Lunch: Tuna Salad with lots of Baby spinach, Red Bell Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber and Lemon Vinaigrette. OR Chicken Pesto Caprese

Dinner: Broiled Salmon & Roasted brussel sprouts seasoned with salt and pepper.

Help with HEALTHY RECIPE Ideas: There are (53) Healthy, No-sugar, Easy Recipes in my “28-Day California Sugar Cleanse” Book. I highly recommend it for healthy & yummy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack ideas.


Daily 20-Minute Cardio-Blast. Not only does CARDIO burn calories & kick-start your metabolism – it also reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of mood-enhancing endorphins so you feel like a champ! Any type of cardio you like – it’s your choice. And of course you can do it anytime of day – I just happen to prefer mornings.

Try a few of my Cardio Workouts, if you like. Easy to follow and super effective:





2-Days of SKINNY WATER, infused with Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger & Mint, it tastes like you’re at the Spa! You don’t have to drink it the entire 7-days, just the first 2. It’s full of Anti-Inflammatory properties and helps to reduce Bloat. Plus, drinking more water is great for skin & will keep you feeling full.

Whip up a batch of it (the Recipe makes 2-days worth) and just sip on it over the next 2-days instead of regular water.

OH – and ummm, no alcohol! Coffee, Tea – totally fine in addition to your SKINNY WATER, but no alcohol. Sad face 😉

SKINNY WATER is full of Anti-Inflammatory properties and helps to reduce Bloat.

That’s it ladies! That’s my “secret sauce” plan that I’ve used forever, when I want to get back on track or just drop a few. Try – and let me know how you like it! 😉

xoxo – Shelli


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