5 Glam Holiday Looks for Your LBD!

5 Glam Holiday Looks for Your LBD!

1 LBD – 5 Sparkly Holiday Looks!

Let’s play “Have You Ever….” I used to love that game. Have you ever….  used the holidays as an excuse to buy something new and sparkly?  Ok I’ll go first – yes. Yes I have.  Even if it’s just sparkly new festive makeup! I mean, do we really NEED a new dress, shoes and bag?  Ummmm, well….define the word need. Lol.  In all seriousness, it’s usually not whether or not we need something that drives us – it’s the feeling we get from wearing something fresh and new, that we want.

Let’s put your LBD to work!

Here’s the good news! One of the most versatile pieces in your closet – is the LBD or Little Black Dress. I mean, every woman has at least one LBD in her closet.  It’s a pre-requisite for getting your “girl card.”    Think of an LBD like a blank canvas on which you can completely change the look and vibe just by styling it differently.  Glam it up or down, make it edgy or conservative – it’s all in how you style it.

Let’s Holiday it up, shall we? I’ve got 4 different LBD looks to inspire you for the entire holiday season. Whether you want to keep a lid on the expenses, or just want a few options on-hand for those last minute invites – I’ve gotcha covered. Enjoy! 😉

5 LBD Looks that totally SLEIGH…..

I know, I couldn’t help myself ;-/

Why it works

An otherwise modest LBD turns into classy-sexy, holiday glamour by adding these simple yet gorgeous velvet platform sandals in Bordeaux, a crushed velvet fitted jacket, chic clutch and a pair of amazing gold statements earrings encrusted with red, green and blue crystals. A Bordeaux lip ties it all in for a sleek and sophisticated holiday look!

Why it works

This LBD totally exudes Holiday with sparkly crystal detailing around the neck, before diving into a way sexy low-back also trimmed with crystals. This is the type of dress that you can completely wear year round for events or date-nights.

I styled this LBD with statement Rhinestone over-the-knee-boots (wow! right?) to give it a festive edge – then added a simple black clutch with a touch of rhinestone detailing to tie it all in. Add lashes and a swipe of red lipstick (YSL Tuxedo Rouge) and you’re ready to party!

Prefer to wear Trousers instead? No problem! Just as easy…..

Easily dress up Tops and Trousers from your closet, too. Here, I paired a black bodysuit with black trousers and added a leather Obi belt to give it a dressier “jumpsuit” look. Finished with Black patent pumps, black and gold velvet clutch, rep lip and side-swiped hair. OH – Tip: A Red Lip will Glam up anything. It’s the secret sauce to instantly hitting the X button on your look!

Below, exact YSL lip color (Tuxedo Red) & Alice & Olivia Trousers I am wearing. Similar bodysuits and black leather wrap belt. Edie Parker velvet backlit clutch SOLD OUT – similar bag vibes you may also love 😉

Why it works

I love the flirty little flair-hem on this LBD! These gorgeous black patent sandals a almost identical to the Jimmy Choo version – at a fraction of the cost ($88!). They’re classy-sleek & sexy, which we love! Adding a black clutch with crystal embellishments kicks it up a notch, yet doesn’t complete with the star of the show – these amazing emerald green teardrop earrings. Add a red lip and you are golden!

Why it works

First, ruching, like on this LBD is always super flattering because it is slimming. Second, the surplice neckline is lengthening and it serves as the perfect backdrop to rock your statement necklace and earrings! Keep bags & shoes very simple, so as not to complete. Bonus: These gorgeous metallic sandals are minimal and neutral, creating a continuous line that make legs look longer and leaner! Double bonus? They look identical to a high-end designer brand, but are 1/4 of the price ;-).

Whatever you wear – the most important thing, the thing that trumps all else (no pun intended) ugh…. is that you really, truly feel incredible in whatever you choose to wear. Follow that rule, and you’ll always emanate happiness and beauty. 😉

Happy Holidays!

xoxo – Shelli


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