DAILY HARVEST (Vegan) Meal-Delivery | REVIEWED!

DAILY HARVEST (Vegan) Meal-Delivery | REVIEWED!

Hi everyone!

If you’ve been thinking about trying a meal-delivery service to help with your healthy-eating efforts, you’ve probably seen a gazillion commercials for Daily Harvest.

You know… the Vegan, Plant-Based meal-delivery service that offers weekly delivery of frozen Bowls, Smoothies, Soups, Flatbreads & Snacks to your doorstep.

I’ve been using it for 3-4 months

Listen, I have NO shame when it comes to taking Smart Short Cuts (time savers that don’t sacrifice food quality or nutrition), so I’ve been using Daily Harvest for the past 3-4 months, as a supplement to my own cooking.

There are things that I DO LIKE about Daily Harvest – and some things that I DO NOT like – all of which I share with you in the Video:

VIDEO | See my 5-minute Daily-Harvest Review


Review of Daily Harvest:

Overall Taste & Portion Size:

Can be Bland + Portion Sizes are Very Scant

Many of the Harvest Bowls are VERY BLAND & not satisfying. It was like eating a bowl of bland, steamed, chopped veggies with very little flavor. Same thing with many of their Smoothies, which I found to be somewhat flavorless & bland as well, tasting more like lightly flavored “ice”.

That being said, a few of their Best-Selling Harvest Bowls, including the Broccoli + Cheese are quite good.

The portion sizes for their Harvest Bowls & Flatbreads, which one would assume are meant to be Lunch & Dinner entrees are very scant (measuring about 3/4 cup of food) falling in-between a snack and very light meal, even for women.

I’m usually left a bit hungry afterwards, and find myself reaching for something else to eat – which sort of defeats the purpose of convenience.

Men: There is NO way that a typical male will find their portions even remotely satisfying. At one point, I prepared 3 of the Broccoli + Cheese Harvest Bowls for Oliver, as a test. He was still hungry.

I do like that it’s clean, simple, Plant-Based food, BUT the portions are VERY skimpy & some dishes are Bland.

review of daily harvest plant based meal delivery
Photos taken by the brand

Nutrition: 100% Plant-Based, 95% Organic, Weekly Frozen Meal Delivery

Selection: They have a selection of ready-made Harvest Bowls, Breakfast Bowls, Soups, Smoothies, Flatbreads, Snacks & Vegan Ice Creams.

Preparation: Most items are heat & eat. Smoothies – just pour into a blender, add your favorite liquid & blend.

Ease of Use: Order 6, 9, 12 or 24 items each week. Pause, Skip a week or Cancel anytime just by clicking a button within your account.

Pricing: Not expensive. Items range from $5.99/each for breakfast bowls, to $8.99/each for Harvest Bowls & Flatbreads.

I’ve tried a LOT of other Meal Delivery Services

and I’ll review them for ya

Purple Carrot, SAKARA, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig.….. I’ve tried them all, lol – and I’m going to be reviewing all of them for you on my YouTube Channel – so be sure to Subscribe here.

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Is Daily Harvest Worth It?

IMO – certainly not worth it for men, OR if you want more than a snack or light meal.

The convenience of healthy heat & eat, means it’s nice to have a few Daily Harvest items in the freezer as a back-up when you’re pinched for time. Instead of subscribing to weekly delivery – I’ll just order a few every now and then to have as a back-up.

Something You’d Like Me to Review?

Oh – and if you have another meal delivery service OR diet-program you’d like me to review for ya – just Comment below. You’ll always get the real-deal scoop from me ;-).




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