The truth is – I’ve Helped A Lot of Women LOSE WEIGHT & TONE-UP. Here’s How…

The truth is – I’ve Helped A Lot of Women LOSE WEIGHT & TONE-UP.  Here’s How…

Happy Holidays ladies!

The truth of the matter is this:

Since starting the APC YouTube channel only a year ago, where I post my own Personal Workouts and Healthy Recipes – I’ve been SO amazed & humbled at the number of messages that I get from other women, excited about finally achieving their own fitness results!

Whether it’s losing 10-lbs, or finally getting the toned look they’ve been after for years or just getting a really great workout in a short amount of time – the Workouts net Results, and they can for you too!

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Here’s the Latest! This one is super popular: NO Equipment, 20-Minutes of Intense CARDIO to Melt Calories. We End with Quick but Killer ABS to Tone & Sculpt. DONE! Click the image & check it out.

The Details on the Workouts:

  1. All Home Workouts. You don’t need more than a yoga-mat’s worth of space, Minimal or No Equipment depending on the Workout.
  2. Equipment is minimal. Usually Handweights, a Medicine Ball or Resistance Bands depending on the exercise. Easy to store at home.
  3. Follow-Me. We workout together! All you have to do is follow-me.
  4. 20-45 Minutes: Choose the workout that fits your schedule!

Why They Work:

Candidly – I don’t do Bull-Sh*t Workouts.

You know – the ones where you spend 15-minutes “warming up,” then another 45-minutes doing stupid, unchallenging exercises that are a complete waste of time & barely break a sweat? Drives me NUTS. Homey don’t roll dat way.

THAT is why most women get frustrated & don’t see the results they want. They’re working out, but the workouts aren’t effective. I don’t do that.

My workouts are harder than most – but they are also more effective.

Follow along, Use lighter weights when needed, Take a quick breather when needed. That is how you work your way up & get stronger and more fit.

My Push-the-Pace Format, is why we can do a 20 or 30-Minute workout, and you leave thinking “Wow! That was a good one!” We don’t stop. We don’t take long breaks. We work to “muscle fatigue” for optimal Toning results.

Here’s what other Subscribers are sayin’……

For the Holidays!!! I Gotcha…..

This year I’ve created a series of 20-Minute Holiday Workouts, specifically designed to hit all the main parts and keep ya on track in a short but highly efficient workout. NEW WORKOUTS added every week!

Plus – I’ve included a ton of healthier-option Holiday Baking Recipes that will allow you to enjoy the season, without totally getting off track ;-). NEW RECIPES added every week throughout the season. Yay!!

Happy Holidays!



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