SkiniMalism: The 2021 Less-Is-More BEAUTY TREND + 7 Best Skin-Tints

SkiniMalism: The 2021 Less-Is-More BEAUTY TREND + 7 Best Skin-Tints

Hi Everyone!

If you’ve found yourself paring waaaayyy back on your daily makeup routine – you’re not alone!   The double whammy of working from home, coupled with a severe cut-back of pretty much any form of entertainment – (remember concerts, traveling, dining out, cocktails with the girls – sigh….) – have resulted in a welcomed new trend:  

SkiniMalism, AKA Skin Minimalism – that happy medium between makeup and your pretty bare skin. Forget layers of heavy foundation, contouring and highlighters; the new glow-up is all about wearing less!


SkiniMalism is a new trend of minimal or no-makeup beauty – thankfully migrating us from unrealistic beauty standards (heavy make-up, contouring, shading, etc). We’ve started adopting the South Korean “Skip-Care” trend, which involves fewer products in our skincare routine for the same results.

It’s essentially getting back to basics, with a more natural kind of beauty and doing things differently with less. 


….has been my personal favorite for like – 5-6 years. First, it smells like fresh roses which makes me very, very happy. Second, it’s just a pleasure to use – it swipes effortlessly over my face, blending immediately without any “blending work.” As easy as moisturizer!

Being COOLA – it’s vegan & an SPF 30. Very cool. The coverage is very sheer but has just enough tint to enhance & even-out my skin. It’s got a luminous finish – and I can’t tell you how many times women will say “Wow – your skin is so pretty!” Of course I always share the COOLA secret ;-).

beauty blogger with coola bb cream organic skin tint

I gotta admit, it has been sort of liberating, right?   Correction: It’s been BIG TIME liberating! The amount of time & hassle saved has shed a whole new light on what guys have enjoyed for years – lol.  

I suspect it’ll be this way for the foreseeable future, as we’ve all developed new habits, and are completely digging the freedom that comes with a more pared down look. 


the foundation of SkiniMalism. Pun intended

Skin-Tints, aka BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer, offer just enough coverage to give skin a bump of enhancement for those Zoom calls, where a full face of makeup isn’t needed – but you also don’t want to look like you got hit by a truck. 

We’ve all got different skin-types, skin-concerns & skin-goals, so you’ll want to get the right Skin-Tint for you. Fortunately – there are lots of great options that go far beyond the typical “for dry, oily or combo skin” offerings.

You can totally DIY in a pinch

Foundation + Serum or Moisturizer

Making your own Skin-Tint is a snap.  Just mix a little foundation with your favorite moisturizer or serum.  

We’re loving this  Radiant Priming Serum from ILIA.   It’s Vegan, Cruelty-free (huge) and leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

Mix Serum + Foundation = DIY Skin Tint!

skinimalism 2021 skin care trends with ilia tru skin radiant priming serum

7 Illuminating Skin-Tints

Hyper-pigmentation? Anti-Aging? Inflamed Skin?

We gotcha!

We’ve scanned the market & selected our (7) Top Picks for the most common skin-types & skin-concerns – including Hyperpigmentation, Anti-Aging and Inflamed / Agitated Skin.

Remember – your skin needs will change throughout the year, depending on the weather. Maybe you’re oilier in summer months, drier in winter. Pick what suits your skin, today.

Enjoy the scroll……

For Dry & Winter Skin


Tinted Moisturizer & Hydrating Cream

Sheer to medium coverage, this SPF 30 tinted moisturizer by Bare Minerals is great for dry skin & winter months (that means, now!).  It’ll infuse your skin with hydration & help to protect it from environmental stressors. Your skin – but better! 

To Calm Skin


White Tea Tinted Veil

With a sheer hint of color, this tea-infused tinted moisturizer is calming for your skin.  The white tea and pomegranate extract soothes & protects skin throughout the day while Vitamins A &E nourish.  Oh – it’s also got SPF 30 just in case you skip sunscreen (don’t do that!). 

WINKY LUX White Tea Tinted Veil to calm & soothe skin while providing a sheer hint of skin-enhancing color.

skinimalism 2021 skin care trends with winky lux white tea tinted veil

For Hyperpigmentation


Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

Oh Nars – how do we love thee….  Their entire product line is fresh, modern and luxurious with shadows that give a shimmery wash of color without going too drag-queen.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

For normal-to-dry skin, this lightweight tinted moisturizer gives sheer, buildable coverage and a radiant, glowy finish.  It’s an oil-free formula that gives your skin a translucent veil of color, balances out hyperpigmentation – plus boasts sun protection as well. 

For Anti-Aging, Normal-Dry Skin


Hyaluronic Skin Tint Foundation

Medium to Full Coverage, Semi-Matte Finish, SPF 15. Super lightweight, semi-matte finish with extra-ordinary coverage….in a tint! ILLUSION Skin-Tint Foundation plumps fine lines and wrinkles & has a whipped, creamy, hydrating formula to help even out skin tone, soften imperfections and boost moisture levels in the skin.

You’ll love the luminous, radiant finish brought about by the infusion of pearlescent pigments for the ultimate in tinted coverage!

ILLUSION Hyaluronic Skin-Tint Foundation.

Anti-Aging + Super Lightweight + Medium to Full Coverage with a Semi-Matte, Radiant Finish due to an infusion of pearlescent pigments.

beauty blogger skin care trends

For Drugstore Lovers


Dream Fresh BB Cream

Super sheer coverage. If you love a Drugstore bargain – this is it.  For under $7 –  Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream brightens, smooths, hydrates and protects skin.  

Heads up – it’s super sheer coverage, but will still give a bump of enhancement & a luminous, dewy finish. Oh, and it’s got broad-spectrum SPF 30. 

I like using less expensive options like this one when I’m going…. Well, when I USED to go to the gym, pre-Covid.   You know – when you want to look cute, but feel wasteful using the expensive stuff as you sweat your ass off on the treadmill.  

For Sheer Coverage & Luminosity


Mineral Tinted BB CreamSmells like roses!

Very sheer coverage, luminous finish, SPF 30. COOLA BB Cream has been my personal favorite for a long time. It’s lightweight, sheer coverage, and gives skin a nice bump of enhancement & luminosity in one easy swipe.

AND IT SMELLS INCREDIBLE!! The formula contains Rose Stem Cells to smooth, moisturize & replenish – but the side benefit is the incredibly undenote of


The product description says, “…features more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, and for some, could replace a daily foundation.”

I disagree in part. IMO, COOLA’s BB Cream does not offer more coverage than most tinted moisturizers at all. On a scale of 1-10, 1 = no coverage, 10= full coverage….. I’d rank this COOLA product a 3. It helps to even out skin tone & give a little enhancement, but the coverage is sheer.

I DO use this as my daily foundation, BUT I pat-on under-eye concealer because…. well, because I’m not THAT much of a minimalist 😉

Best Drugstore Buy!

For under $7, you can’t beat MAYBELLINE’s 8-in-1 skin perfecting BB Cream. Sheer coverage, brightens, smooths, hydrates and protects skin with a luminous, dewy finish.

beauty blogger using Maybelline dream fresh bb cream

Evens Tone + Softens Fine Lines


Super-Serum Skin Tint

2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award

Light coverage, Natural Dewy Finish, SPF 40. Awarded Allure magazine’s 2020 Best of Beauty Award, ILIA’s Super-Serum Skin Tint is a weightless tinted serum combining skincare, makeup, and sun protection into one – leaving your skin looking like….well – your skin only better!

Contains Hyaluronic Acids, plant-based Squalane and Niacinamide to even-out out skin tone and soften those damn fine lines and imperfections!

One more time, pls….

So there you are! Our 7 favorite Skin-Tints for pared-back, effortless beauty. You’re bound to love one of them – Enjoy! 😉




More radiance pls…..

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