BEAUTY ADAPTOGENS Promise Glowing Skin – And We Want IN!

BEAUTY ADAPTOGENS Promise Glowing Skin – And We Want IN!

Happy holidays, All!

Have I got a cool new Wellness Find for YOU.   Over the past month, I’ve been busy testing Beauty Adaptogens – one of the newest, buzziest Wellness Trends out there and I’m ready to share preliminary results with ya.

Truth is – after discovering the world of Adaptogens – I was so freaking excited to try them, that my fat little hands were literally sweating all over the AmEx as I hurriedly punched my card number into the keyboard. 

Let’s chat about it, shall we?

I Used Moon Juice BEAUTY ADAPTOGENS for 1-Month (Here Are My RESULTS)

Adaptogens Can Help Us Feel Better and Look Better

Who’s IN??

At a high-level – Adaptogens are Non-Toxic Herb and Root Supplements that are thought to help our body handle stress and bring us “back to center.”  Aka, homeostasis.

Adaptogens have actually been used in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years to address all sorts of various imbalances in our bodies.  If you aren’t yet familiar with the term (no worries – I wasn’t either) here’s the 411:

They can address a myriad of imbalances within our bodies:

Depending on which herb you choose, they can help to Calm & Reduce Stress, Increase Energy, Reduce Fatigue, Help with Mood Stabilization and/or Sleep. Then of course – there’s the entire bucket of Beauty Adaptogens…


Beauty Adaptogens (which is what I’ve been doing!) are….

Anyone? Anyone? Adaptogens geared towards beautification, YO. This is what I have been taking for the past month! They’re said to help:

+ Strengthen Hair & Nails

+ Target Accelerated Aging

+ Improve Skin Clarity & Elasticity

+ Help Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

After a month of taking 3 Beauty Adaptogens, I’ve started to feel a slight uptick in my energy level – which apparently makes me quite happy.

Slow Your Roll – It’s Supposed to Take a Few Months to See / Feel Results

So, I have noticed that my skin looks slightly brighter, with a slight uptick in its clarity. It’s only been 4-weeks, but I’m encouraged thus far….. enough to continue taking them for a few more months to see if there’s a bigger difference.

I’m probably not the BEST person to test something, because I’m so impatient – that I expect immediate results otherwise I’m out. Generally speaking – they say to give Adaptogens at least 4-months to really take root (pun intended) and to see or feel clear results, if any.

With that in mind – I’m going to slow-my-roll and continue along the journey for a few more months. Even though the results aren’t off-the-hook, I understand that it’s only been 4 weeks – and in fairness, there is a slight difference.

Don’t worry – I’ll give you 2 & 3 month updates, and tell ya whether it’s worth it or not, IMO.

I’ve noticed a bit more Clarity and Brightness in my skin. I’m loving the COLLAGEN PROTECT. I add 2 tsp to my morning latte. Yeah I know – it’s a rough job but someone’s gotta take one for the team.

I’m using these 3 Beauty Adaptogens by Moon Juice. And yes, I label everything. It’s easier than trying to read 5-pt font at 6 o’clock in the morning. Just sayin’.

Shop It:

I chose a company called MOON JUICE

I chose products by the brand Moon Juice. Woman owned, based in Venice, CA it is a comprehensive line of Adaptogen supplements and skincare with fun names like Beauty Dust, Dream Dust for Sleep, Magnesi-Om berry-drink for De-Stressing, and Cosmic Matcha for Energizing & Beautifying – I was SO IN!!

I Ordered These (3) Beauty Adaptogens

by Moon Juice

1. Collagen Protect:

Super easy to use – I add 2 tsp to my latte every morning(scroll down to see my Peppermint Mocha obsession!!) but you can just as easily add them to a Smoothie if you prefer. This is a vegan skin supplement (Collagen Powder, basically) meant to help hydrate the skin & minimize fine lines.

What it’s supposed to do:

+ Preserve our natural collagen (the stuff that makes our skin bouncy & snap-back!)

+ Hydrate skin

+ Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Completely Tasteless

No, not me – the Collagen Protect. Easy to use – just 2 tsp in your latte or smoothie. It is honest-to-god, completely tasteless, adding a nice creaminess that tastes fattening but isn’t. Fan!

Current Obsession:

Peppermint Mocha Latte

To my AM latte, and in addition to the Collagen Protect, I’ve been adding Peppermint Mocha Nut Pods, and a squeeze of Peppermint Cookie NO-SUGAR Sweetener.

It’s like having a creamy Peppermint Mocha without the guilt or sugar!! Plus – it just tastes like the The Holidays. So there’s that.

Make My Mocha Baby!

2. Beauty Dust

Don’t you just love the name?? Beauty Dust….. Like DisneyLand & magical pixie dust!! This is the 2nd Beauty Adaptogen I chose to try, because of its claimed Skin bennies. Ok – and I liked the name, lol. Marketing sucker.

I also thought the recipe for their Blue Beauty Bowl (recipe below for ya ;-)) sounded right up my alley. I follow the directions on the bottle and use 1 tsp a day in either my Blue Beauty Bowl, or a Smoothie.

You can also mix it with warm milk, oatmeal, matcha, chia seed puddings – no problem.

What it’s supposed to do:

Beauty Dust is a beautifying blend of Schisandra, Amla, Ashwagandha, Rehmannia, Goji & Pearl, said to:

+ Target stress and Accelerated aging,

+ Improve skin clarity

+ Help protect skin from free radicals.

I’m having a Bowl of Beauty for Breakfast ;-). Wanna join me?

I’ve been making the Blue Beauty Bowl using Moon Juice Beauty Dust & Blue Beauty Protein Adaptogens. Scroll down for the deets….

3.  Blue Beauty Protein Adaptogen

1 Scoop daily. Use just like a Protein Powder!

The 3rd and final product I’ve been using on the daily, is the Blue Beauty Protein Adaptogen. I use it in lieu of my regular protein powder.

Easy to use – I just add 1 scoop to smoothies, warm or cold milk, matcha, coffee, water, cereal, yogurt – anywhere you’d normally add protein powder. I usually have it in a smoothie after a workout, or later in the day as a snack. Easy.

It’s Plant Protein with Beauty Benefits

What it’s supposed to do:

+ Help manage stress

+ Combat accelerated aging

+ Protect the body from oxidative stress.

Here’s what they look like….

This is what the Blue Beauty Protein Adaptogenic (Left) & the Beauty Dust (Right) look like. The Blue Beauty contains Spirulina, a Superfood blue-green algae that is actually one of the most nutritious and nutrient-dense foods on the planet. That’s why anything to which you add it, will turn a blue-green hue. It’s pretty!

Spirulina is….

Spirulina is 60% protein. It contains 18 amino acids including all essential aminos acids and 10 of the 12 non-essential amino acids. It’s also also a great source of phytonutrients, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, B vitamins and iodine.

Shop It:

Is There a Dr. In the House?

these are dietary supplements, so check first…..

Safety first!! It’s important to note that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does recommend that you consult with your health care professional before using any dietary supplement.

A lot of supplements have ingredients that can have strong biological effects, and may not be safe for everyone to take – so it’s best to first check with your Dr., to assess whether the products are safe for you 😉

Here’s the Blue Beauty Bowl I’ve been obsessing over:


Blue Beauty Bowl

1-serving. Blend all ingredients in a blender:

+ 1 Frozen Banana

+ 1 cup plain Greek Yogurt

+ 1 Scoop Blue Beauty Protein

+ 1 tsp Beauty Dust

Garnish with toasted coconut, chopped almonds & berries.

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Enjoy & Happy holidays!




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