What’s Your EATING BEHAVIOR? | Meet Tara Coleman, CN

Hi everyone –  Ok – can we talk food, diet and…..feelings for a hot minute?  More specifically – our diet Behaviors. The thing is, eating right is NOT as simple as just knowing (or learning) what to do, then happily doing it for the rest of your life.  Hard stop. If that were the case – we’d all eat pretty […]

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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.” Hi everyone! I remember a long time ago, a guy friend telling me that he had gone completely Vegan.  He had always (admittedly) carried a few extra pounds – so my first thought was, “Good for […]

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BULLET PROOF COFFEE: Fat-Burning, Energy & Mental Clarity!

Hi everyone – Truthfully – I first learned about the concept of Butter Coffee – aka, BULLETPROOF COFFEE – for fat-burning, energy & mental clarity, a few years ago during an episode of my guilty pleasure – “Keeping Up With The Kardashians. ” I can practically SEE my sister eye-rolling me, but – whatev’s. Anyhoo, […]

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5 Ways to Follow YOUR DREAMS & Not Give a F**k What People Think!

Hi everyone! So, I recently posted a Video on this topic – and it got such a great response – that I’m sharing a little of it here on the blog, also. It’s about learning 5 KEY WAYS to clear out the biggest obstacle standing between you and your dreams: Giving a Rats-Ass what other […]

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Beauty Adaptogens

Bulletproof Coffee

MY 1st Q&A


Hi everyone – Remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore? I know – seriously dating myself. They started out in July of 1995 promoting themselves as “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore”…… Fast forward a couple decades – and Amazon dominates the market space in almost every category of online purchasing. It’s a place where new and […]

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DAILY HARVEST (Vegan) Meal-Delivery | REVIEWED!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been thinking about trying a meal-delivery service to help with your healthy-eating efforts, you’ve probably seen a gazillion commercials for Daily Harvest. You know… the Vegan, Plant-Based meal-delivery service that offers weekly delivery of frozen Bowls, Smoothies, Soups, Flatbreads & Snacks to your doorstep. I’ve been using it for 3-4 months […]

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Shelli Pelly


Shelli is known for her refreshing candor, laser-insight, humor and optimism. She has personally coached women of all ages towards becoming an authentically confident, stronger, more empowered version of themselves.

Review of THE DROP | Amazon Limited Edition Collections

Hi everyone! If you haven’t yet heard of THE DROP on Amazon, ooohhhhh my friends – lemme tell you…..   The Drop is an Amazon-exclusive line that launches New Collections designed by Global Influencers every few weeks. New collaborations drop with little notice and are only available to shop for 30 hours  – meaning, once it’s over – they’re gone for good.   […]

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12 Super Fun VALENTINE GIFTS for All the Girls (That means YOU too!)

Hi Everyone! Valentine’s Day around here has always been more of a “smile and a nod” holiday. Meaning, it’s just a day to do something kind, give a nice card and maybe a little-something to let the fam know that you love & appreciate them! The best Valentine’s Day gifts are simple, thoughtful & inexpensive. […]

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