5 Ways to Follow YOUR DREAMS & Not Give a F**k What People Think!

5 Ways to Follow YOUR DREAMS & Not Give a F**k What People Think!

Hi everyone!

So, I recently posted a Video on this topic – and it got such a great response – that I’m sharing a little of it here on the blog, also.

It’s about learning 5 KEY WAYS to clear out the biggest obstacle standing between you and your dreams:

Giving a Rats-Ass what other people think.

VIDEO: It’s really funny – lol. Click & Watch.


5 Ways to Follow Your Dream

First – grab a pen & paper because you’ll undoubtedly want to jot a few of these down…….

Let’s pretend you’ve got 2 Things:  

  1. ONE – you’ve got $100 million in the bank. So money isn’t an issue.
  2. TWO – you’ve got a magic wand.  With that magic wand, you can wave it and literally do anything in the world that you wanted.   

What would you be doing?

The vast majority of people, when asked this question – usually have a pretty immediate response.  I know this – because it was a question asked of every person I’ve ever interviewed. 

It was my favorite part  – because suddenly the “interview face” & stock” interview answers” melted away – and their eyes would light up – almost like being transported into a dream – as they described what was really their hearts desire.

So ask yourself….what would you be doing.  Now – what’s stopping you?

Stop caring about what other people think of you….. But lemme fix my hair first.

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Chances are – it is a Self-Imposed limitation – the biggest one of which is this:

The Fear of What Others Will Think or Say

This is hands-down, the biggest Self-Imposed limitation keeping the vast majority of people from moving forward.

So, how do we get past it?

With 5 KEY WAYS:

1.  Remember this saying:  

People would care a lot less about what others think about them, if they knew how little others actually think about them…”

Listen – people might think about what you’re doing for a hot minute, then they’re over it and asking what’s for lunch.  If you structure your entire life path trying to please other people –  the only person who suffers is you.


2.  You Will NEVER Please Everyone – So Flippin’ Please Yourself.  

You could cure cancer and save all the worlds puppies in a single day – and I promise you – some ding dong is gonna be pissed off that you didn’t save the Spotted Owl instead.

You will never please everyone.  Even the most BELOVED people have haters & critics.  Understand that it isn’t YOU, it’s them.  Then let it go, and keep doing YOU.

Every one of us has a Vocation….a Calling. It’s what you were authentically put here to do. Follow it.

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3.  Mean People Dislike THEMSELVES – Not You.   

SUFFOCATE them with non-responsive indifference.  Nothing says “You’re not important” like not giving Mean People the time of day.  Trust me – it’ll bug the crap outta them, lol.  BLOCK, Disengage, Steer Clear of being in their presence.

Not only will they GO AWAY,   but rejecting their negative energy will fuel your strength, embolden your confidence and allow you to redirect the energy you saved – into YOUR path!


The key to dealing with Mean People, is just ignoring them, Lovey.

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4.  We all make mistakes.  Take it easy on yourself.  

 If you’re a human-being and not a robot – you make mistakes.   Who doesn’t.  The worst part of making a mistake, is worrying whether others will think poorly of you, right?  

“Do they think I’m a disappointment, unworthy of the job, not smart” – etc.  Look, by definition, a mistake is NOT intentional.  Give yourself a breakexercise Self-Compassion.  

The people (you think are) judging you have all made their own mistakes at some point also.   Learn from it – then let it go.

If you had $100m in the bank & a magic wand – What would you be doing right now? If you answered immediately…..That’s your Calling!

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5.  Know That Life Is Too Short

Look, life is too short to give an F about what everyone else thinks about you.   It’s YOUR life.

YOU decide what you want out of your life.   What others want for you isn’t their business. It’s not their life. It’s not their decision. It’s not for them to dictate.

You are the boss of YOU!

  1. Focus on your goals, big or small. 
  2. Work towards nailing them, even if they feel scary or you are worried what people might say.

Not allowing the “worry of what others think”  to take over and stop you from following the Dream you have for yourself – is the main priority.

Once you start doing this – you will see that the only person who has control over your life is…. YOU – so make it great one.



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