The Coolest Nail Polish Colors We’re Rockin’ This Fall

The Coolest Nail Polish Colors We’re Rockin’ This Fall

Nail polish is one of my favorite accessories. (The other 2 being scarves and big, huge sunglasses!) Polish is such an easy, fun way to try new looks and colors without a huge investment or commitment. If you’re on the fence about a color – try it. If it’s not your jam…..erase and try another!

Mani trends change all the time.  Some are super fun to look at – but slightly awkward to wear.  Like 2” long pointy nails with crystal embellishments…. fun to see, kinda weird for your day job unless you’re Rhianna.

My style MO has always been streamlined & classic with a trendy, sometimes understated sexy edge.   Same with nails – streamlined but incorporating on-trend colors or effects like shimmery metallics, to keep it up to date and…..fresh! 

Here are 13 of our hand-picked moody polish shades that are big this fall. Most very affordable – with a few splurges because I just can’t help myself. You’re bound to love a few!

Our 13 Coolest Nail Polish Colors for Fall



Brolley means umbrella in the Queens English. Not that it’s a foreign language exactly. I only know this because my husband, Oliver is…. yah, you guessed it. English. Anyway – this color is a gorgeous rich, soft Navy that’s certainly dark but not as harsh as black. Tasteful and on-trend.



ICONIC. Wicked is one of a handful of iconic colors that quite simply never goes out of style. It’s a deep, dark sinister blood red that’s so dark that it’s almost black. It’s one of my personal go-to colors because it’s understated yet sexy!!


Tan My Hide

Clean and simple, it’s a pale nude creme lacquer that has a touch of luminosity to it. Best of all, you can truly wear it year round.

Pic appropriately placed under “Tan My Hide.” Anyhoo. My personal style mixes streamlined classics with something trendy like a colorful polish. I know. Getting KRAZY!


Smoke Red

Tom is my alternate-universe husband. Everything he designs just….. growwwls with sexy. Smoke Red is no exception. A deep, smoky red that’s definitely “red” but won’t make you look like the neighborhood tart.


Sugar Dune

Sugar Dune, from sugar-britches Tom. Gorgeous and sleek – it’s a slightly warm toned light-beige with a creamy finish and high-shine value. Works well with whatever you wear. I like it best with black – it’s unexpected, classy and effortless.


Powder Posse

If you aren’t a fan of beige-y nudes, but still want a great neutral color – try Powder Posse. It’s an opaque, pale lilac-y color that reads clean, light and fresh. When traveling – I pretty much always wear a light neutral like this one, because in the event we get a lil’ chip – it’s not obvious!



A rich, lush, berry polish that exudes warmth, richness and super high shine! Looks AWESOME with Navy – super chic.

The wrong Red screams neighborhood tart. Been there. The right Red is sexy & understated without saying a word.


Rub Pub

I know, weird name – but cool color. Rub Pub is a dark, steel gray with cool undertones that adds just the perfect amount of on-trend edge to your look! Works well on most every skin tone.


Mink Brûlée

Hi. It’s him again. My boyfriend, Tom. I mean just the name Mink Brûlée makes me want to buy a vat of this stuff. Seriously. This creation is a creamy-peach hue that works well for every day. Apply one coat for more subtle color or layer it up for an opaque finish. Either way – it’s gorgeous.



Yah – Teal Green Danica is definitely more of a fashion color, and not as versatile in terms of color, as some others – BUT it’s beautiful if you love teal-green! I’d steer clear of wearing it with red, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree. Wear with navy, dark or warm browns, mulberry, forest green and of course black.


The Message

The Message is an opaque, dark metallic Crimson Red. It’s a rich, multi-dimensional, ultra glossy high-shine polish that you’ll love for special occasions (holidays are comin’ up SO fast) or a night-out. With a bit of a gold undertone (the metallic portion), it’s a polish that says Game ON!

A pop of rich berry polish – like Cult & Smith Analog is beautiful with navy, mulberry & forest green.


Berry Mini’s

Mini! mini! mini me! I LOVE a sampler – I mean, who doesn’t? It’s such a great way to try new things without a big commitment. For $36, this Deborah Lipman Berry Sampler gives you 6 mini polishes, in a range of gorgeous Berry colors from the brightest strawberry to the deepest boysenberry. I personally prefer the 3 darker colors – so I gave the other 3 to my sister. She loves them 😉



1972 was not only a great year, it’s also a Metallic, Opaque Rose Gold Foil polish color by Smith & Cult that just shimmers!. Much more wearable for everyday than The Message, 1972 is a beautiful neutral that gives your fingers just a wink of sparkle and shine.

Put a few aside for your girls….

Most all of these on-trend fall nail polishes are gorgeous for the holidays and for fun little stocking stuffers. I know my mom and sister LOVE getting polishes, glosses and fragrance in their stocking – and why not? Try and few and tell me what you think!


– Shelli

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