7 of the Biggest Fitness Myths That Aren’t True!

7 of the Biggest Fitness Myths That Aren’t True!

I’m Spilling the Beans on 7 Fitness Myths!

Knowledge is Power and knowing Truth vs Myth will pave a much smoother, faster, more efficient path to your goals! I mean, who wants to waste time doing something that isn’t going to help them?? Especially in the gym. I mean, it’s challenging enough to do it in the first place – so we definitely want it to pay-off, right? Umm, Right!

Like most myths, they usually start out with a grain of truth, but over time evolve into a “common knowledge” Statement-of-Truth that’s anything but.  There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding Best-Practices within the fitness realm, and I think I’ve pretty much heard and been asked most all of them!

Here are 7 of the Biggest Fitness Myths That Aren’t True!

Myth #1:  Crunches Give You Abs

This is one of those myths that undoubtedly started out with a grain of truth, but like the old “telephone” game, it’s evolved into an erroneous perception.

TRUTH: Crunches will help develop and define your abdominal muscles – BUT unless you combine it with Cardio and a clean Diet, your hard work will be hidden by a layer of fat.  Translation: Your ab muscles won’t be visible.

Think of the fat layer, like wearing a snowsuit. There’s no
way to see any muscle definition if you’re wearing a snowsuit.


I do some form of cardio 5x/week and generally follow a diet high in protein, whole fruits, veggies and no Added-Sugar (sugar is a killer).   I have shared ALL (53) of my favorite No-Sugar Recipes, Tips and Need-to-Know-Secrets in the 28-Day California Sugar Cleanse book!

See a sample of my Daily Diet.

Visible Abs are the result of 3 things: Ab exercises + Cardio + Diet

Myth #2:  You Can Target Where to Burn Fat

TRUTH: No.  You can’t target where to burn fat.  When working out – whether lifting weights or doing cardio, the body burns fat all over. Period.  It can’t hone in, or target a specific area.  That being said, most people do have an area where they tend to lose or gain weight first…. for me, I lose in my waist & torso first, my hips last… but that is different from being able to specifically target an area.

Myth #3:  The Treadmill is As Effective as Running Outside

TRUTH: A treadmill run is effective, but not as effective as running outside.  Outdoor running burns about 10% more calories. Why? When running outside, we run against the wind (metaphorically of course) and on uneven terrain which forces the rest of our body & core to engage more than the smooth run of the treadmill.   


Personally, I say do as you prefer!  The important thing is that you are at the gym getting it done when most people are watching TV or sleeping. Sometimes it feels awesome to run outside in the fresh air.  Other times weather or time of day won’t permit, so the treadmill is a better option.  Either way, you’re going to feel amazing afterwards. ;-).

Running outside burns 10% more than a Treadmill, but do what feels or works best for you that day 😉

Myth #4:  Heavy Weights Will Bulk You Up

TRUTH:   Nope. Unless you’re on a serious steroid-binge, lifting heavy will not bulk you up, ladies – it will actually slim you down.  Why?  A recent study showed that women who lifted a heavier weight for 8-reps burned more calories than those lifting lighter weights for 15-reps. 

Second, muscle burns about 10-20 calories per day –  while fat burns only 5 calories per day. That means that any growth in your muscle tissue is going to help burn fat during the day.  We like that!  So don’t shy away from heavier weights.  Shoot for using a weight, for which it is challenging yet safe & doable to get to 8-reps.  If you’re flying past 8-reps and on up to 15…. The weight is too light!

Quick Tip:  

To work your way up to a heavier weight, use 2-sets of weights:  A Light set (probably the ones you currently use) and your “goal” Heavier set.  Do as many reps as safely possible with the heavier weights.

When you can’t do anymore, drop ‘em & finish out the set with your lighter weights.  This is how you get stronger. 

Heavy Weights Help SLIM ya down. They won’t turn you into The Hulk 😉

Myth #5:  No Pain, No Gain

I’ve never liked this phrase – it always reminded me of some meathead guy in those billowy elastic-waisted zebra pants & barely-there-ripped-tank-top at the gym who wouldn’t leave you alone.  Ugh – ok, baggage check pls.

Truth:  Discomfort is fine and to be expected – actual Pain is NOT.  If something feels painful – STOP!  We all know the difference – listen to your body.  For example, sprinting on the treadmill is challenging and there’s a level of discomfort – but it should not be painful.  If you feel a sudden sharp pain or something just doesn’t feel right – that’s not ok.  Stop & take care of you!  

Myth #6:  You Shouldn’t Work-out Every Day

TRUTH:  The truth is a hybrid.  Your body does benefit from a “Rest Day.”  Mine is every Thursday, which is when I shoot You Tube videos.  But it is completely fine – and beneficial to do some type of work-out the other 6 days.  That does not mean it has to be a ball-busting workout 6x a week.  

Maybe you designate Mon-Thurs for “Challenging Workouts,” Friday for Yoga, Saturday for a Hike with a friend, Sunday to REST.  You get the idea!

Myth #7:  I’m Too Old to Start

Truth:  No! You’re never too old to start getting into shape, unless you think you are.  The foundation of an amazing life, is feeling good mentally & physically – and part of that includes fitness.  Fitness is not about looking like a fitness model with washboard abs & perfectly sculpted arms, unless that’s your personal goal.  

Rather, fitness is about taking care of your body with a healthy diet that nourishes and regular, consistent weekly exercise so that you can do the things you love and experience the life you were meant to live! No judge-y eye here. Ever. You do YOU!

My Grandpa is 102.  You are not too old, lol:

My grandpa will be 102 years old in June.  No joke.  God-willing, you may have another 30, 40 or 50+ years left of this earth.  Would you rather spend decades lamenting that you’re “too old,” or live it exactly the way you want, leaving it all on the table when it’s time to go? I hope the latter 😉

Here are 3 great resources to get ‘cha started or take your routine to the next level:

+  30-Minute Workouts on my YouTube channel (we workout together!)

+  Lite & Easy Recipes on my YouTube channel (they’re fun!)

+  28-Day California Sugar-Cleanse – Reboot Your Life! 8×10 Full Color book showing you how to eliminate sugar cravings & added sugar from your life!  

Have questions for me?  I love hearing from you – just ASK or Comment below!

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