20-Minute BOOTY BLASTER with Leg Weights. Tone & Sculpt your Butt!

20-Minute BOOTY BLASTER with Leg Weights.  Tone & Sculpt your Butt!

Butts are big right now. I mean – they’re huge. One look at Pinterest or Youtube – and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are workouts, “how to” videos and even weird products that claim to round your butt while you watch TV. Cough…..bullsh*t…..cough.

There’s even an app that makes your butt look bigger and rounder?? Ummm yeah, I’m gonna pass on that one. WTF??

Oh – and then there are injectables and even butt surgery (remember the Brazilian Butt Lift)? DON’T do either one of those. That is ridiculous, IMO. You are beautiful just the way god make ya.

Why You’ll Love this Workout

If you want to work on rounding & sculpting the butt you were born with (I do!!)I can get you there with some very simple, targeted exercises that focus solely on exhausting & toning the glutes.

All you have to do is follow-me.

To get Maximum Results:

  1. I added these Leg Weights to an already challenging workout.
  2. I then added-in 30-second pulses to the end of each exercise – right when you think you can’t possible do another rep.
  3. That is my Secret Sauce for results! Totally burnout the muscle group, tearing down those muscle fibers so the body works to “repair,” resulting in muscle tone & definition.

VIDEO | My 20-Minute Booty Blaster is INTENSE & Gets RESULTS. Come workout with me!

20-Minute Total Results BOOTY BURNER with LEG WEIGHTS (Low-Impact. No Jumping)

About the Leg Weights

I’ve been training my mom & sister in our gym every Monday, Wed & FriYay throughout this whole shutdown thing. I construct a workout – test it out on mom & Vickie then share it with you, lol 😉 We blast our favorite playlist and get a great workout.

I ordered 3 sets of these leg weights, one for each of us. They were dying by the end, in a good way. It’s challenging!!

These specific Leg Weights are:

  1. Adjustable up to 5-lbs each & fits any ankle.
  2. Each ankle weight has 5 removable sand pockets weighing 1-lb each.
  3. Just adjust from 1-5 lbs by adding or taking out the inserts – that’s it!

Super versatile. Add them to any workout – or even for a quick power walk to burn extra calories & get a touch more toning 😉

I’m a Purist when it comes to working out

Never-will-you-Ever…..find me pitching some weird contraption claiming to give you a 6-pack while you watch TV and eat a pizza. That isn’t reality – that is a company capitalizing on people’s desire to get-fit without any effort and without having to make healthy changes.

I know it can be tempting – but don’t waste your time or money. There is NO free-lunch or magic overnight pill that will get you the results that you want, overnight.

Honest-to-god, the basic formula is exactly as you may expect:

  1. Be Consistent. Plan the work – then work the plan, every week.
  2. Combine Cardio & Strength Training. It burns calories + helps sculpt and define your body.
  3. Watch your diet. Minimize processed foods, watch the alcohol – and focus on a Low-Added-Sugar diet 😉

Enjoy the workout! Like it? Hit the Heart for me below – and share with a friend!

xoxo – Shelli


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