2-Day SKINNY DETOX WATER. Too much “Weekend?” This will help….

2-Day SKINNY DETOX WATER. Too much “Weekend?” This will help….

It’s All Fun & Games Until Monday AM

Truth – the 4th of July weekend was one of those weekends for me. You know what I’m talkin’ about…… cocktails, desserts, burgers, potato chips and “real” potato salad – like, with actual full-fat mayonnaise. Damn good. See, my Dad’s birthday is July 3rd which fell on a Friday this year. He loves martini’s so being a good daughter – I couldn’t let him partake alone, so…… Yeah. That happened.

The 3rd, obvi – runs right into the 4th which means more celebrating, natch. This morning, I’m totally feelin’ the effects – Bloaty, Sluggish, Skin looks dehydrated and just overall feeling like a serious slug. Ugh. If you can identify with me – let’s fix that!

Champagne, Martini’s and Gifts…..Dad LOVES his birthday!


Reduce Bloat + Anti-inflammatory + Natural Appetite Suppressant

Alcohol – aside from the calories, dehydrates our body which leads to water retention and ergo….bloating. It also dehydrates our skin, which is why we look like, 800-years old the next morning. Just sayin’. Add to that, extra sodium from the bag of potato chips I HAD to have and ummm, yeah – pretty much feeling like a water balloon. Not cute.

The key is to Rehydrate the body but instead of plain old water, we’re going to Supercharge it with detoxifying ingredients: LEMON – GINGER – CUCUMBER – MINT. That’s the “secret recipe” for our SKINNY DETOX WATER!

Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger Root & Fresh Mint. Sip over 2-days, to Cut Bloat & Rehydrate Skin. RECIPE Below

Why It Works:

LEMON: Lemons are not only a natural appetite suppressant, they also helps to cleanse the body. Plus, they’re a good source of Vitamin C & flavonoids which are Anti-Oxidants.

GINGER: Ginger helps with digestion and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects due to its main compound, Gingerol.

MINT: Anti-inflammatory properties, natural appetite suppressant.

CUCUMBER: Supports healthy skin, aids in digestion, contains anti-oxidants, cucumbers are 95% water which adds to hydration.

It really helps to Detox, Rehydrate & Get You Back on Track.

Make it with me on Youtube!

SKINNY DETOX WATER. Weekend Bloat? This Will Help!


Makes 2-Days Worth + Let it Steep Overnight


+ 2 Lemons, thinly sliced

+ 2 Cucumbers, thinly sliced

+ 2 TB Ginger, freshly grated

+ 1 cup fresh Mint leaves

+ 12 cups of water


  1. Place all ingredients into a large pitcher, place in the fridge and allow it to steep overnight.
  2. Strain into a Glass & Enjoy sipping over the next 2-3 days.

Get Leaner in 7-Days!

Sometimes we need a lil’ more than just a 2-Day Detox, right? I know! Don’t worry – I’ve gotcha. I love sharing, so here is exactly what I do when I want to Lean-out and drop a few pounds fast! No crash dieting, of course!

My personal 3-Step plan to Get Leaner in 7-Days. It includes the SKINNY WATER 😉

Try it! You’ll feel lighter, leaner and back on track in no time!


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