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30-Minute MEDICINE BALL Home Workout!

Non-Stop Cardio & Strength Training

If you love mixing it up a little & taking a break from typical Dumbbell workouts, then this 30-Minute MEDICINE BALL WORKOUT is for you!

This is a Fast-paced, Non-Stop Cardio & Strength Workout using a 5-7 lb Medicine Ball to add extra strength & balance challenge for Intermediate – Advanced workout warriors!

Need a Ball? Here’s the Yellow 5-lb I am using in video. I also have the 8-lb version & a 10-lb that I use interchangeably.

Use a 5 or 7 lb. Medicine Ball…. unless you’re feelin’ like a Baller. In that case, use a 10 pounder 😉

Why I Call This Intermediate / Advanced

  1. This particular workout assumes that you’re in good shape, familiar with typical exercises like Burpees, Deadlifts, Skaters, Push-ups, Glute-Bridge, etc., and don’t require much instruction beyond a simple visual queue of the next exercise.
  2. Since we move at a quick-pace, you should be comfortable transitioning quickly from one exercise to the next.
  3. Finally, with the exception of a couple 10-20 second Recovery “breaks,” the workout is very close to Non-Stop.

I hope you enjoy the Workout! As always, feel free to share Suggestions & Feedback either under this blog in Comments or under the Medicine Ball Video! I love hearing from you~!

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