Your (6) Most Asked Fitness Questions – Answered!

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Your (6) Most Asked Fitness Questions – Answered!

Ok ladies – I’m super happy to share answers to your most FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) on fitness & working out. As always, there are NO “dumb” questions and never-do-we-ever, place judgey-eyes on anyone. Ever. That’s part of what makes this community of women so special!

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6 Most-Asked Fitness Questions

Q. How do I get Lean & Sculpted?

A.   By far, the most asked question I get.  In general, getting leaner and more defined is a factor of 3 Main Elements:  1. Frequency  2. Consistency 3. Diet.   

Frequency.  This is the number of times you work-out each week.  I suggest 5x/week for Intense Workouts that include Cardio + Weights, Bands or Medicine Ball.  1x/week for something restorative like Yoga.  1 Day-Off for rest and recovery.  

Consistency.  Keep-up your workout frequency week in and week out…..When it’s easy and when it’s not-so-easy.  Hitting the gym hard for 3-months will net great results, but if you don’t keep it up, you will not keep the tone & definition.  That’s just the way it is. 

Diet.  Working out hard, then eating a crappy diet is like putting on a brand new pair of gorgeous Louboutin’s, then waltzing through a mud puddle.  It just F’s everything up.  You cannot exercise away a crappy diet!  

A Leaner & more Defined body is a combo of Frequency, Consistency and Diet. There’s no Magic Bullet ;-/

Q.  How many times a week should I work out?

A.   For maximum results, I suggest 5x/week for Intense Workouts which include Cardio + Strength Training (use of weights, bands and/or medicine balls, etc).   This assumes a “green light” from a medical professional, as everyone’s particular situation is unique. 

Q.  What’s the best diet to follow?

A. This is always a Pandora’s Box question to field because quite literally, you can ask 10 different “fitness experts” and you’ll get 10 different answers.  

That being said, a diet high in added-sugar or highly-processed foods is not healthy regardless of who you are.  Sugar makes us Fat, Sick, Moody and Accelerates Skin-Aging.  The closer you can get to eliminating Added-Sugar – the better you will look and feel.   To help, try my “28-Day California Sugar Cleanse.” 53 Sugar-free Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Snacks & Treats, plus Tools for a lifetime!

Here’s How I Like to Eat….

To showcase all of your hard work in the gym (show those Abs!), consider a diet high in Fresh veggies, Whole fruits, Lean proteins, 1-2 servings of Whole grain carbs and a Pinch of good fats.  Pinch! My plate usually consists of:  50% Veggies, 25% lean protein like fish or poultry, 25% whole grain carb like Farro, Quinoa or Bulgar wheat.  Plus a pinch of a good fat like olive oil, ¼ avocado or 5-6 nuts.   Here’s an example of What I Eat in a Day.

A huge compliment to your workouts, is a diet FREE from Added-Sugars. Start the 28-Day California Sugar Cleanse today!

Q.  How long should I workout?

A.   A 1-hour workout is ideal for Cardio + Strength Training.  However, don’t focus so much on the length of time – focus on the intensity and efficiency of your workout:  Start with 20-minutes of Cardio, then to Strength Training:  1. Use weights that are challenging.  2.  Take minimal rest between sets & rounds to easily condense a 1-hour Strength Training workout into 40-minutes.  

In a time pinch?  I’ve designed a lot of great 30-minute & 40-minute workouts that are super efficient & highly effective.  Do them with me, or just get a few new moves for your next workout.  It’s good to mix it up.   

I have a ton of great 30 & 40-minute workouts to choose from. It’s good to mix it up and get some new moves 😉

Q.  Won’t lifting heavy weights make me bulky?

A.  NO.  Unless you’re on some serious Steroids, it is extremely difficult for women to bulk-up like a man.  Weights will actually help you to look slimmer and leaner.  First, muscle burns more calories than fat – so developing lean muscle mass is helpful.  Second, developing the upper body (shoulders, arms) will make your hips look more narrow!  

Q.  If I stop training, will my muscles turn to fat?

A. No.  This myth probably came about because we sometimes see football players on “off-season” looking shall we say…. Not slim.  In actuality, the fatty-look can normally be attributed to eating the same number of calories but not getting the same amount of exercise. Translation: There’s an extra layer of fat over their muscles. Think of it like wearing a snowsuit. The muscles are still there – they’re just hiding out. 😉

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