SKINNY HOLIDAYS! Full Body Workout – Swiss Ball, Week 1

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Enjoy my 30-Minute Full Body, Swiss Ball Video Workout!

Ok ladies – Holidays are busy, right?! Sometimes we don’t have a full hour plus travel time, to spend at the gym. I get it! That’s why I’ve created SKINNY HOLIDAYS! A weekly You Tube video series of 30-Minute Workouts to help keep you fit and feeling good all through the holidays.

Every Monday on my You Tube channel, a fresh new workout you can do from the comfort of your own home – on your own schedule. 

In this FULL BODY, SWISS BALL WORKOUT you will be challenged! Your entire body will be fully engaged as it seeks to stabilize itself while working with the Swiss Ball. Believe me, it’s a LOT more challenging than it looks – but that’s exactly what gets results.

Click and workout with me!

Get Your Ball & Some Cute Workout Stuff!

Get your Swiss Ball here. It’ll come with a small air pump. Get your husband or significant other to do it. Yeah I know. Hours in the gym but I can’t pump up my own Swiss Ball, lol. I like to make him feel useful.

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