Super Shred! Arms & Back with Resistance Band for Beginners

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It’s almost Sleeveless-Season! Great Arms for Beginners!

Ok ladies – it’s rounding the corner towards Spring time already!? Honestly, it feels as though it was just Christmas, like last week. So – in honor of “Sleeveless-Season” I’ve got a fresh, new 30-minute Arms & Back Workout for you, using Resistance Bands!

Resistance Bands are a great little tool to have. They’re super inexpensive, fit easily into your Travel Tote for quick, on the road workouts – or store at the house for At-Home workouts as well.

I recommend this 45-lb set from Tribe Fitness. It’s what I am using in the video. Don’t be intimidated – you simply click the 2 black handles onto either end of the Resistance Band, and you’re set. There are 3 different bands (as you can see below), each with a different level of resistance. START with the YELLOW. That’s all you need for now πŸ˜‰

What to Expect:

I’ve created this workout for Beginning and Intermediate levels. You’ll feel comfortable and confident as I: Walk you through proper form, Clearly explain the exercise and then Define exactly which muscles we are targeting!! That being said, the actual exercises are very effective for more Advanced levels as well – you just may want to fast forward through the explanation portion. Or – it may be a good refresher πŸ˜‰

Why You’ll Love it:

+ We target Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders to give you beautifully balanced, toned arms.

+ We’ll work your Back & Lats to give definition from behind. Happy face.

+ I use the “Muscle Burnout” method, which is 2 back-to-back exercises per body part. For example, 2 bicep exercises back to back, then 2 tricep exercises back to back, etc.

+ This method works to burnout the muscle group being worked, which is key to building definition and tone!

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Let’s Get Started!

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